Must-Have Fine Jewelry Pieces

Without a doubt, there are different types of occasions and likewise, there exist different types of jewelry lovers. While jewelry pieces are just another accessory that will add wonders to their overall outfit, it is a part of identity for many others.

Talking about jewelry, there are certain pieces that one doesn’t wear regularly but only on some events and special occasions. There is no denying that many people enjoy special occasions to dress up, be a head-turner, and fetch compliments - jewelry plays a major role in this

Diamonds are versatile, and gorgeous jewelry pieces like a stunning diamond bracelet in Canada instantly transform a great outfit into one that mesmerizes. Take a look at Gilda by Gradiva Fine Diamond jewelry pieces that any jewelry lover must have in their jewelry collection.

Diamond Earrings

Every woman must own a beautiful pair of diamond earrings and what’s even better is one doesn’t need a strong sense of styling and fashion to pair diamond earrings with a outing dress. Just your dress, a pair of heels, and diamond stud or dangler earrings, and you’re good to go.

If you love to updo your hair in a bun or ponytail, these danglers will look even more pronounced. Though diamond stud earrings look minimal and seamlessly blend with any outfit, diamond danglers look amazing when paired with evening gowns and dresses. However, if you wish to have a contoured face look, opt for long danglers.

Diamond Bracelet

Yet another jewelry item that is simple and eye-catching is a diamond bracelet. These bracelets effortlessly blend with any outfit, and they add a subtle feminine touch to your overall look. Bracelets also come in different styles, but you should opt for something more dainty, alluring, and noticeable.

Diamond Pendants

One of the most common but important possession of any woman in her jewelry collection is diamond pendants. There is a wide plethora of designs and sizes of diamond pendants, just make your choice, and you’re good to go.

Diamond Necklaces

When talking about pendants, necklaces certainly have to be in the list. A gorgeous diamond necklace will add charm to any outfit while looking distinctive and help you stand out from the crowd. Always look for a diamond necklace that comfortably accentuates those chic necklines.

Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are just perfect for one and all. However, to adorn your hands and leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet, many people wear rose gold diamond rings because trust us, there is nothing like a diamond gold ring.
What’s even better is that a diamond ring goes well with any type of apparel and will add bling and glamour.

What’s even better is that a diamond ring goes well with any type of apparel and will add bling and glamour.

If you don’t own a fine diamond jewelry piece yet, don't worry. Select your favorite designs and invest in some foundational pieces at Gilda by Grradiva. And why only on special occasions? You can even wear them at work, at home casually or in-home gatherings, reunions, events, and even when you are hanging out with your family & friends.