How to Choose Your Diamond and Gold Jewelry

Gold holds a very significant value in our society. People buy gold for their loved ones on special occasions like engagements, weddings, and it is also used as a way of investment. It's an ornament that is associated with auspiciousness. A gold ring with a diamond centre is the most preferred gift while proposing to a woman for marriage. It signifies wealth, luxury, and a promise to be together till the end.

While gold is an investment that is trusted only with real people. The new online shopping trend has marked its way to the jewelry industry also. You can check out the gold diamond ring for women and then compare prices with the offline market. You can check the services in the comfort of your home and get your hands on an endless range of designs. Here are some of the factors that you should take into consideration while buying gold jewelry:

1- Karat of gold:

A gold piece comprises many other alloys apart from gold like nickel, zinc, and copper. A gold piece commonly made up of 24 units that are referred to as 'Karats'. The Karat of gold gives the idea of how pure the gold is. The high percentage of gold is signified by higher Karat Value. However, many people prefer to use the 14-18 Karat of Gold, as they are much more durable and stronger.

2- Amount of other mixed material:

A piece of gold with less than 24 Karat contains other materials like zinc, copper, and nickel. Many people are allergic to nickel and can suffer with rashes in their hands if wearing a gold ring that contains some amount of nickel. If you have any allergy to nickel, you should choose the ring containing at least 14 Karat of gold to avoid any allergy on the skin.

3- Durability:

The 24 Karat pure gold contains a minimum amount of mixed alloy and a maximum amount of pure gold. The pure gold is very soft and prone to more damages and scratches if used in daily wear. The lower Karat gold is much more durable as it contains other elements like copper, nickel, and zinc. Hence, it is recommended to use 14-18 Karat gold for daily wearing to ensure durability of the ring.

4- Colour of a ring:

The gold rings come in a variety of designs and colors. The different colors of rings like yellow gold diamond ring, rose gold rings for women, white gold rings have their own significance. The White Gold ring is one of the most prominent colors. It represents the shine and luminous quality of Gold. The rose gole ring is a popular ring used for engagement. So, if you are looking for a solid and durable ring for everyday wear, then a white and rose gold rings are perfect for you. Besides, they look shining and alluring on hands. There are other colors like rose gold and green gold that are worth checking out. Rose gold rings are one of the most trendy rings these days. It can be used as a perfect anniversary gift for your wife.

5- Ring Body:

The body of the ring is as important as the material. It is the body that will hold up the gemstone in the ring. The body keeps the ring durable and sturdy and enhances the beauty of the ring by its variety of designs. The body color shouldn't wear out if the ring is wasted every day. The ring body setting should contain durable material.

Final words

The jewelry range is enormous, including the white gold diamond necklace, gold rings, white diamond rings, earrings, and more. In such cases, choosing the right jewelry pieces can be tricky. It is important to keep in mind the purpose and occasion for which you are buying the ring. Also focus on the right size, design, and quality of the ring.

A gold ring is an expensive thing; you should always choose a ring that is durable and long-lasting. Wearing 14-18k gold rings is the most feasible for special occasions like functions, parties, weddings, and big events. The ring is delicate and can easily be damaged. For everyday usage, you should consider buying the ring with a lower Karat percentage like 14-18 Karat rings. In the meanwhile, visit Gilda by Gradiva to check an exclusive range of jewelry pieces. They have all types of diamond and gold jewelry available at the best prices. All the rings in the collection represent the modern and timeless designs.