Gilda by Gradiva's story begins in an artisan family where craftsmanship is passed down from one generation to another.

Having been raised in a jeweler family, I was exposed to gemstones from an early age. My grandfather (first-generation) began our family’s fine jewelry tradition in 1969. My father (second-generation) has been carrying our family legacy forward with Gradiva High Jewelry, an international high-end fine jewelry brand. As the third-generation members of an artisan family we are looking forward to designing the highest quality fine jewelry pieces for every day with Gilda by Gradiva for the contemporary people worldwide.

The name, Gilda by Gradiva, has been carefully chosen. Gilda means gold in old English, which denotes the precious metal used in our jewelry. Gradiva, on the other hand, represents our family's long-lasting expertise in the fine jewelry industry and values that have been passed down from one generation to another for more than 50 years. Gilda by Gradiva, signifies our family's jewelry expertise rooted in Gilda's foundation and its global vision to becoming the number one premium quality everyday fine jewelry designer.

As we are very excited to introduce our portfolio of modern and timeless jewelry pieces, we are equally enthusiastic to implementing our social mission rooted in our foundation: Giving Back for a Sustainable Future.

Stay tuned and follow us for more!

On behalf of Gilda by Gradiva,

Enis Gezmez